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Friday, April 24, 2009

Mother Nature:)

We are constantly being guided! We receive many messages throughout the day! Even when we sleep! Our dreams are plentiful with meaning! We are continuously told exactly what we need to do, how and when. It is only us who believe we must resist our true essence and "figure it all out ourselves." This is where we can become tense and stressed!

The flow of life, the true nature of our beings co-insides with mother nature! We are part of this world- in every aspect, in every sense.
Mother nature, the water, the plants, trees, birds, planets- we are part of all of this, we are one with everything! Animals understand this- they don't try to fight Mother nature; they work WITH her and use what she gives them. Being resistant will only take you on a chaotic path of confusion and tension!

What I am saying to you today is: become aware that you are VERY important and you are well taken care of and the only way to improve your life is to begin to let go of resistance! Let go of having to figure it all out because I am here to remind you that it is done FOR you! You are a powerful, beautiful soul that is very important! Your experiences are important and when you CHOOSE to allow good into your life, it enters in, joyously and lovingly!

Allow yourself to let go of ALL past experiences...they are in the past! Rather look forward with love and excitement and start in this very moment to CHOOSE to work WITH mother nature and help her help you create beauty and abundance of love in every sense!!! Remember life is here FOR you and as long as you let it, Life will work FOR you!!!

With love in my heart for all of us I wish you a NEW day filled with NEW beginnings! After all it is a NEW day, one you have never lived before, so here is your new start!

Luv and Light Eternally!!!