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Monday, April 6, 2009

A New Segment:)

When you wake up. When you see a cloudy day. When the phone wakes you up before your alarm. What do you do, and how do you feel? In each of these moments you need to become consciously aware of your thinking....remember as I said in previous blogs; you will be setting the pace of the day!
How about as you get ready to begin your day? What are you thinking? As you close the front door behind you, what are you thinking? PAY ATTENTION!!! EACH THOUGHT COUNTS!!!
Each and every moment is a new moment or a new segment in our lives. When you get into your car it's another segment, as you walk toward a store, work, home, it's a new segment. When you answer the phone, it is a new segment, when you end that conversation you enter a new segment....and so on.
Become aware of this so that you may realise that with each new segment you can begin in a NEW way. If you were negative before, you can begin a new segment differently:)
We CAN become AWARE of each NEW segment so that we can consciously CHOOSE thoughts that lovingly support us! Becoming awake and aware in each segment can help us create a life we DO want:)
We DO NOT have to wait for the new year, or a new season to come before we can switch things around or start over. With each NEW segment you can start over! Knowing this, I urge you to apply this simple but powerful awareness into your life and step by step you will soon find it easier to enjoy and help create the beauty you desire in your life!
With this understanding you can never again have a "bad day" you will instead realise that it was only a challenging segment and that a new one is about to begin in the next few seconds!!!

I wish you the strength to understand this and the ability to become AWARE so that you may greatly benefit from this small yet VERY POWERFUL understanding!!!

Luv and Light ETERNALLY!!!