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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Universal timing is never wrong! Sometimes we "want" things and they do not come when "we" want them to come. Believe in the timing to always be right because it always is! We sometimes ask for things, yet before we can welcome them into our experience certain things must happen or sometimes we must "let go" of things or change something inside of us in order for these things to come forth into our experience!
It isn't always when we think is best. Until it comes; it is then that we can understand the "why" it arrived when it did!

Pay attention to what you are asking for and see what it is YOU need to do in order to attract whatever experience or thing you are asking for. Any great master will tell you that PATIENCE is always the answer. Mother nature, the universe, is never in a hurry. These forces do not work as humans work. We are coming from a third dimension which means we do not use all of our powers. We interrupt our powers with logic and thinking and rationalisation. So the word stress is very low energy and it is NOT part of universal anything! It is created BY HUMANS!!!

Patience is something that is naturally part of us, however with all the "illusions" and interruptions we use in our daily lives- the news(fear,fear,fear,control), trash magazines(toxic gossip about stars), reality shows(far from reality), game shows(keep our energy toward money controlled), commercials(anti-aging basically reminding you that you are aging and that it is a BAD thing and you must fight against it and this cream can help), weight loss and with that a million more commercials of fast food-see the contradiction!!! Oh and we can't forget the commercials that promote medication that can help a certain ailment but can also give you 100 more,"do not take if you are pregnant, plan to be pregnant, have acne, have trouble sleeping and on and on and on...those commercials are ridiculous and usually are many!

This is why in our household Steve and I bought a hard drive and tape the shows we love-ex.DOG WHISPERER!!! We just skip through all these toxic commercials so that we are not being slowly brain washed!!
I realise that this may seem far-fetched for some...but PAY ATTENTION!!! Everything you are surrounding yourself with is influencing your every belief!!! There are powerful people behind the study of humans and how to manipulate us so that we can be easily controlled...THIS IS REAL!!! Everyone knows that the best way to control people is with FEAR and insecurity! Do you have the courage to see things as they really are? I know I do and I must tell you being AWAKE is an amazing feeling! You begin to truly make conscious decisions that BENEFIT your life! The freedom is wonderful! You can do it too!!! It is always up to YOU!!

If you notice most people are RUSHING today! Everyone seems to be stressed and in a hurry right? Now does that have something to do with the fact that we are exposed to internet, 800 more channels on our radio and television than 20 years ago? The fact that we carry phones with us where ever we go? It is clear that 20 years ago people were defiantly NOT as stressed as they are today! In fact, the word stressed wasn't used at all as it is today! Today EVERYONE knows what stress means! WHY????
I am not trying to bash the amazing technology we have today! I am simply saying: ENJOY the technology and KNOW how and when to use it!!! PAY ATTENTION!!!

So with all these distractions we FORGET about patience! People who are stressed DO NOT have patience...MAKE A CHOICE!!! Which do you WANT in your life and what is it that you can CHANGE inside of you and around you to become MORE PATIENT???
Remember patience is part of us, NATURALLY! So ALLOW it to come forth so that you may lift the cloud of confusion and chaos and be able to see clearer. This will help you WITH EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE! That is something I CAN GUARANTEE!!

WAKE UP PEOPLE! The world awaits you with loving gifts!!!

Luv and Light ALWAYS!!!