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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Place Your Order!!!

Everything stems from our thoughts. Every emotion, experience, action and reaction stems from our thinking. Our experiences are a direct refection of our thoughts, if we don't like the experience: we need to change our way of thinking! 
Quit looking outside of yourself for answers! Yes, you can find some guidance and advice but the real answers to changing your reality is always within you! What is it that you want? If you could have anything at all, what would it be? Now let me ask you, how much focus do you put on creating those desires? Do you have only positive thoughts going toward those desires or are you constantly in doubt that they can actually come true for you? The more positive thoughts you put toward your desires the quicker they manifest. The more negative thoughts you put toward your desires, the more resistance you create and the further they move away from you making it more difficult to manifest. Thinking one positive thought about your desires is good but isn't enough. If you have 100 negative thoughts that follow that one positive thought which one do you think will be more powerful?
Life loves and supports us and always reflects preciously what we choose to think and feel. So don't be surprised when you are choosing negative, limited, fear based thoughts that your life gives to you experiences that are negative, limited and fearful! Life dosen't choose to give you crappy experiences, you help create them! I want so much for you to become aware of the power you hold in creating your life! I want you to love living your life! Once your thoughts and vibration is set with positive intention, the universe will assist you and put all the pieces together for you just like it does when you are focused on negativity, it brings to you more negativity because it is preciously what you are requesting with you thoughts and vibration! Think of it this way: you go to a restaurant, the waiter takes your order and then what? Do you keep running into the kitchen to check if they got your order right? If they started preparing it? If they are using the right ingredients, the right spices or over cooking it? No way right? You sit there, waiting, knowing that your order is on its way, correct? Well the universe works the same way! Ask for what you want without thinking about how it is going to happen, when, or where. Don't run back in forth trying to figure out if it is possible or not. Simply ask for what you want and know that your order has been place and it is on its way preciously how you asked for it! Start using the laws of the universe and enjoy playing and creating bringing all your desires into your reality!
Life is simple. The rules and laws are simple. We choose to keep it complicated!
Luv and Light,