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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Your energy is louder than your words!

Your vibration is MOST important!!
An animal or an infant does not understand language, they understand your vibration or energy. So this is a clear example of how important the feelings you are transmuting are! You can communicate completely through vibration! You can sense when someone is upset or happy, calm or agitated right? What does that tell you? The next time you find yourself wondering why you are the one getting stuck in traffic or not meeting that special person in your life, or not getting through to your kids. Any situation you approach with calm and assertive energy, or happy joyous energy will be a success! On the other hand how can a situation or experience work in your favor if your energy is coming from the other end: stress, aggravation, or frustration?
See life really is this simple! What we feel and think is VERY important because THIS becomes your vibration and what you give out comes right back!
Now apply this knowing to your life; EVERY aspect of it and see the difference! Life is here FOR you but only if you choose it to be!

I encourage you to apply this knowledge in your life!

Luv and Light Always!