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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Answers ALWAYS Come!

Answers don't always come in the form that we expect them to! Most of the time we miss the answers because we misread them! The next time you ask for attention! Sometimes things "go wrong" when in fact they are going exactly as they must in order to receive what it is you've been asking for!
We need to let go.
Stop trying to control everything. LET THINGS BE! Have you tried letting things just flow? Instead of breaking your head to make decisions have you ever just let life lead you?

Did you know that the Egyptians believed that the brain was regarded as a 'superfluous tissue with no useful function' and 'the heart was seen as the organ which governed reason, emotion, and personality traits.' VERY INTERESTING!

Your mind is NOT the first thing you should pay attention to! Your heart(emotions) is where your GUIDANCE system is! It is really all you need!
It is with your mind that you can stress yourself out, and it is with your heart that you can lead a happy life!

Think about it!

Luv and Light!