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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Be Willing To Do What Is Challenging!!!

When we sit in our 'old ways'. When we stay in our old routines of life; we become stuck! In order for life to work FOR us, we must be willing to do what is challenging! Old habits can be easily broken with determination and love! When we push ourselves out of our comfort zones we become more successful at everything!
Life doesn't have to be a boring routine of dread and stress! Instead life is meant for us to enjoy, to constantly grow, learn and expand our capabilities! It is not only as a child that we learn new things, as adults we can learn even more! Don't stop asking questions and PLEASE do not close up your minds and believe in your ways only! Listen, open up your mind! I am not saying believe everything you hear, or be in agreement with everything someone else says or does, but don't close up because you know what's right or wrong! Being open and willing to hear or see something as someone else sees it can open us up and help us learn something new!

So if only for today, I ask you to set aside your stubbornness and leave yourself open and receptive, you might be surprised with what you learn!
Everything can be transformed to how you wish it to be....IT ALL BEGINS WITH YOU!

Luv and light eternally!