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Friday, May 29, 2009

Dig Deep!!!

We are like magnets. What we give out we get back.
If you want happiness, joy, laughter, kindness, harmony and peace in your life you must BECOME those things. Whatever it is you want to attract you must be giving out!

Your energy is THE MOST important thing! No matter what the situation, if you remain in old past thinking, it is preciously what you will be attracting?
In order to have a new outcome you must believe something NEW!

Do you understand? Are you willing to apply this simple method? Or are the old dramas and stresses too exciting to let go of? On many occasions I talk with people who would like thing to change their lives for the better and yet the "old ways" keep them stuck and when we dig deep enough we learn that because they have a deeply buried old belief that life is meant to be a struggle, they continue to live their lives that way.
I want you to understand that any given time you can change ANYTHING in your life. If you search within yourself and find the TRUE source of WHY you are attracting these things; what your belief system is....THE CHANGE WILL BE PERMANENT, and you can then lead a life that is FUN to live!
Remember you are a magnet and what you believe and think you will attract. So, what is it that you want to attract?

Luv and Light,