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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Don't Give Your Energy Away!

Let others live their story.
We are all here to experience what it is WE need in order to grow and learn. If someone is making decisions and acting in ways you do not agree with....LET IT GO! Let them be! They are here to serve a different purpose from anyone else including you. Stop trying to change or control others. Your only concern is YOU! Focus your loving energy and time on you! Build a beautiful, SOLID foundation inside yourself and create a beautiful life for yourself...everything else will follow.
Do not waste your energy! It is precious and it is yours! So before you give your energy to someone else or to some other situation make sure it is beneficial to you; other wise it is merely draining you for the simple reason that you believe it is worth your time and energy! So make sure that it is!
Giving your power to someone or something else can be draining or up lifting, it is in your CHOOSING that this happens. So choose to give yourself to beautiful, loving experiences otherwise LET IT GO!
Smile, live your life HAPPY and give your time and energy to things that help you FEEL GOOD!

This is your powerful message for today; please use it...You will LOVE the results!

Luv and Light ALWAYS!!!