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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How Do You Feel Today?

Good Morning beautiful souls!!! How do you feel today? Is there joy inside you? Are you smiling inside? Why not? What is it in your life that refrains you from feeling great? Do you have issues with yourself? Unresolved emotions and dramas that continue on and on? What can you do to flip these petty things around?
We can all find ourselves in negative situations, but if you want to CHANGE those situations it will take some effort on YOUR part.
When your mind is too busy, when you do not pay attention to what you expose yourselves to, when you do not take control of your thoughts you become anxious, confused, stressed and overwhelmed.
We are not on this planet to feel overwhelmed and anxious! It is in OUR CHOOSING of thoughts that begin our pathway to stress! I know all too well what anxiety attacks, physical burnouts, and sleepless nights feel like....That WAS my life! What changed? I got so fed up and had a MASSIVE break down and surrendered!
I started to pay attention to my thoughts, I began to see that my thoughts were negative and one thought at a time I began to change my life! It is a calm process. It takes your love and attention to create the life you want!
So I ask you this: do you love yourself enough to help yourself? Do you wish to continue having a life that is exhausting to live? Or would you rather enjoy it? The question is simple. The action is yours to take!

Love, Life, and Light eternally!!!!