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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Listen To What You Say!

I wish people would pay attention to the things they say! There are so many words I hear coming out of so many people that are so negative and they do not even realize it! They are negative to themselves! I try to make them aware and a lot of the time they are surprised with themselves when they stop to pay attention! Most of them will say, "oh my god, I didn't even realize..." and they will make an effort to remain positive and kind with themselves and I think that is WONDERFUL! But it truly is incredible how many people say so many things that are so negative. I believe this to be very small thinking! People who hold on to old negative patterns and don't take the time to open themselves up to change and GROW! Why is this? Why do some people become STUCK in old negative thinking???
Well here is one quick recipe to keep you in a old, negative belief system:

Wake up in the morning and complain that you have to go to work.
Complain about the traffic, the weather,etc.....
Spend your work day ONLY looking forward to quitting time.
Complain about the traffic heading home.
Get frustrated that you must prepare dinner while watching the 6 o'clock news.
Eat dinner while watching the rest of the news.
Clean up and while doing so, get frustrated that you have chores to do.
Sit on your couch watching empty shows and commercials that: make you hungry for all the wrong foods, make you feel fat, old, and stressed.
Watch the 11 o'clock news.
Go to bed with fear, anxiety, and stressful thoughts buried in your sub-conscious because the news is actually designed to do preciously that.
Then start a new day EXACTLY like the day before.
Does this sound familiar? If it does in ANY way please do not delay! Make a change!

Life isn't meant to be lived this way! A life like this will drag you into the dumps! LIFE IS MEANT TO BE FILLED WITH EXCITEMENT, LAUGHTER, AND HAPPINESS!
Our world is stressful because people are forgetting to live! To enjoy! To smile!
WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! Your life is happening right now! A day spent stressing is a precious gift wasted!
Think about it! IT IS WAKE UP TIME!

With love and light for this beautiful planet and all it holds and beyond, I urge you to start BECOMING AWARE! PAY ATTENTION!!! The small details COUNT!