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Friday, May 22, 2009

Put A Smile On Your Face!

There are days where you feel great and there are days that you feel so-so right? The MOST important thing is to pivot your thoughts! Put a smile on your face and think about things that you love! You will soon start to feel GREAT! Remember that life is here for us to ENJOY!
So if we watch our thoughts we can help the way we feel!
If you find yourself saying or thinking something that is negative...flip it around! Keep in mind that your thoughts help create your reality, so if a thought contains things you DO NOT want to attract in your life: CHANGE IT! It is only a thought and it DOES NOT have to become true for you!
We can choose to see everything with love! See the possibilities and the positive reasons for it. Do NOT choose to see the limitations or sadness because EVERYTHING has its reasons for being as it is! Most of the time when people tell me things like they lost their job, or things just didn't turn out as planned; I think to myself,"HOW WONDERFUL!" because I know that the universe has something bigger and better for them that will fulfill them to the fullest!
Every moment is a NEW moment! Every step is a new possibility!
Believe in yourselves!!!
Luv and light always!
Daisy:) xoxoxoxooxxo