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Monday, May 25, 2009

Stop To Smell The Flowers!!!

In today's world the secret to success in everything in our lives is PATIENCE! Our parents had more of it at our age and our grandparents had even more because they weren't exposed to technology, cars, people, television as we are today. As ABSOLUTELY AMAZING as it all is, it can add stress and impatience in our lives, so we find ourselves running around and expecting everything RIGHT NOW. They didn't miss the small important things that we can miss like the sun rising and setting, the beautiful flowers, or the small conversations with people, the little hello's to those who walk by.
What I'm saying is this: make a conscious effort to slow down, take a nice deep breath and smile! You are alive and on this planet to enjoy this experience of life and not rush through it!
It is amazing what we can accomplish when we slow down:) Patience is one of the important keys! Try not to become frustrated, rather take it with a smile; take everything with a smile. When we patiently and calmly do things the results come much easier. Try it!
With patience comes great results! It is simple but VERY POWERFUL!

With Luv and Light I wish you a magnificent day!