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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Are You A Sheep or A Leader In Your Life?

Are you still watching the news? Are 'they' still talking about 'the recession'? Are you still believing it? Do you know that if you REALLY believe in something it comes true? What you believe to be reality IS your reality!
Do you know that if you and I concentrate and believe in something and we remind ourselves often enough and talk about it enough we create it?
So if you take a whole society of people and 'convince' them that something is true, it becomes a bigger reality!
We all live on the same planet, yet there are tribes in Africa that believe and practice rituals we would probably frown upon. However that is THEIR reality because they BELIEVE and practice them. Do you understand what I am trying to tell you?
In this life we have FREEDOM! Beautiful freedom to CHOOSE what we want to believe and how we want to live!
Some of you CHOOSE to let others decide FOR you! ' They' decide what you believe and what is happening in the world.
I KNOW what some of you are thinking..."but it's all over the news! How can it NOT be true?"
And I am going to REMIND you that you don't have to believe everything you see and hear! It doesn't HAVE TO become part of your reality!
You can help create more love, peace, tranquility, abundance, riches, joy, happiness, laughter with the SAME energy you give to the negative stuff you are CHOOSING to believe now!

Life is simple and humans are wonderful beings that CAN be controlled...those behind the news know exactly what they are doing...their job isn't easy....they have not 1 person to control, not 1 society, but the world! Now how do you control a planet?......easy! Instill lots of FEAR!!! But as the saying goes you have nothing to fear but fear itself!!!

Will you continue to be controlled and convinced that you live in a poor world where money is scarce and terror is happening at every corner? Or will you CHOOSE to see the world through loving eyes and hold certainty in your heart that you are a beautiful soul that is here to enjoy life and that you can create ANYTHING you want? That you have to never worry because you are always well taken care of? You will never hear that on the news! We are 'better' controlled when we forget who we are and what we are capable of! Add a heaping tablespoon of fear and there you have it, a society, a world, of scared sheep waiting for 'them' to tell you what comes next!
Remember 'they' need to keep us ignorant and scared! I chose to STOP letting everything and everyone control my beliefs! I am a responsible person- because what I'm trying to say to you is not to start a revolution or to stop paying your taxes or commit any crimes, NO! What I am saying is live in this beautiful world in a beautiful way and TAKE BACK YOUR FREEDOM!
UNPLUG yourself from all negative, toxic, and fearful stuff that keeps you small and crawling in your life!
Stand tall, make a choice...a choice to believe in yourself and live in complete LOVE!!!
I made this choice a while back and it is THE BEST CHOICE I HAVE EVER MADE IN MY LIFE TIME!!! And the best only gets BETTER!!!!!!!!!

Luv and Light Eternally!!!