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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beautiful Vibrations!!!

It was nice to see so many people enjoying themselves yesterday! The city of Montreal had an official day off and you could feel it in the air! People quickly remembered to take out their bikes, go for a walk, head to a park, have a b.b.q with friends! Everyone was happy and you could feel it in the air and see it in the sunshine!
A perfect example of what a good vibration is! If we could choose to always feel this way in our daily lives, we could help create an even better planet to live on! We do not have to wait for the next day off to do so. We can choose at any moment to feel excitement and joy and in turn send out vibrations that help us attract more days like yesterdays'!

Beautiful vibration is free!
It is very attainable, and it benefits you and all those who surround you! So why do we not activate it as often as we can? Perhaps we are not AWARE enough.
Perhaps we feel that we need a reason-example a day off- in order to allow ourselves to vibrate in happiness?
Perhaps we have become UNAWARE of the fact that when we rise in the morning we are once again given the gift of life and that our beautiful bodies have worked all night, while we slept? Perhaps we forget to be excited because we can see, hear, walk, talk, smell, grab, touch, taste? Perhaps we have forgotten that these are many gifts that we are given?

So let us remind ourselves of these beautiful gifts! The more you give thanks, the more things you will find to give thanks for! The more we say thank you, the more gifts we get! As I have said in previous blogs, and for those of you who know me, have heard me said very, many times: remember to give thanks for your gifts. You have to imagine yourself giving a gift to someone and them NOT saying thank you, the next time you give them a gift and they once again do NOT say thank you, will you give them another gift?
When we take the time to give thanks for all our gifts, what we are saying to the universe is: more of this please!
The same goes when you keep complaining and focusing on the chaos and stress in your life; it is like saying to the universe:more of this please!
This is why it is important to become AWARE, because what you send out you get back! As the old saying goes; do unto others as you would like done upon yourself! What you give out, in thought or in action will come right back to you! See why it is vital to NOT spend your time gossiping, criticizing, complaining, focusing on negatives, and watching or reading negative stuff!!!

I urge you today to become AWARE of these very important, crucial points! I urge you to do so that you may begin ENJOYING your passage through this life time! If you want to be happy and prosper YOU CAN!!! It is always in your CHOOSING!!!

What will YOU choose today, tomorrow, and the next day?

I choose love, harmony, happiness, peace, kindness, laughter, joy, tranquility, abundance, wealth, health and courage!!!

How about you????!!!!

Luv and Light ETERNALLY!!!