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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Change Your Habits!!!

Habits are not always clear to see. As humans we can do alot of things through habit and not even be aware that we are doing so.
Choosing to allow drama into your life is a habit. Choosing to have negative thoughts can be a habit. Worrying can also be a habit! Not being happy in life and not being happy with yourself is a HABIT!
It is easier to be a follower and it is easier to go about life complaining "with the others" than it is to make a CHANGE! Changing the way we think, do, and interpret things can seems extremely challenging before we even attempt it, HOWEVER it is amazing how quickly the results kick in once we make the conscious effort to make a change!
Everything we are living; thoughts, people, events, lifestyles...we attract with our thinking and beliefs. When we change our thoughts and start focusing on the things we would LIKE to have, we begin to attract them as such. So focus on what you WOULD LIKE to have, or how you WOULD LIKE things to be! Then it will get better and better instead of worse and worse! Get it?!
So stop looking at what IS and start looking and what you WOULD LIKE!
The rules are simple! It is us who complicates them, our habits are what keeps us where we are! So change your habits, change the world around you!

Luv and Light always!!!