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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Choosing to forgive, is choosing to set yourself free!
Sometimes we feel we have the 'right' to be angry because we are the victims. Someone did something wrong so we have a 'right' to be angry and choose not to forgive...but this is like self torture! The only person you will be hurting is yourself.
It is more difficult to forgive those who have harmed us, than continue to play the victim, however it is a very important step. Your health, happiness, and well being are involved and that is much more important than 'being right'! It isn't worth it!
Revengeful thoughts, angry thoughts, feeling sorry for yourself, these are all toxic for you! Your well being is what's important! Much more important!
So let go of the past or present emotions you have and set yourself free!

This exercise works very well:
When you are alone, release any angry you have. Scream, punch, cry, do what ever you must do to get out all the anger! Then envision that person(s) and say everything you would like to say to them- don't hold back- this is your moment! Let it all out!
Then, when you feel you have released everything you feel toward them, say to them, "I forgive you and I set myself free!" See them walk away from you, and in that moment feel that love rush inside of you! You have done it! You are no longer attached to that toxic situation! You have unplugged yourself from that person and you've taken your power back!!!

After you have done this simple, yet very powerful process take a shower, cleanse away, and love yourself for doing such an important task in your life!!!

Loving yourself and doing what is good for you isn't always easy, but the benefits are ENORMOUS!!!

The power of forgiveness lies within you! You can always choose to do what is good for you!!!

Luv and Light Always!!!