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Friday, June 26, 2009

Get Happy!!!

People will ask me: but how do I do it? How do I begin to make my life more enjoyable?
You must always begin with self love. You must love, accept, and forgive yourself, this is THE most important step! Your thoughts are the next most important thing! The thoughts you think are constantly creating your future. The thoughts you go to bed with are the thoughts you will take with you into your dream state and the thoughts you wake up with will set the pace for your day.
Get rid of toxic surroundings that no longer serve you. Learn to say NO! We feel we have obligations to do things we do not enjoy, and if we keep doing these things it will keep us in a state of frustration.
Say no to feeling guilt, shame, or blame. How we choose to see and handle a situation is always our choice!
Stop pointing the finger at others and look at yourself instead. Don't worry about the others, stay focused on you, help yourself create peace, joy, harmony, and happiness within yourself and by doing so everyone benefits!
Stay away from dramas and gossip...these can become human addictions and they are very toxic for us!
Encourage and love yourself! Treat yourself with true love and compassion- you do it with those you love and you love yourself so you must treat yourself in the same way right?
Unplug yourself from those who suck your energy! Don't take that phone call, and if you do and the person on the other end is draining you STOP them and politely say, "I really can not talk now, it isn't a good time" That's it. Honest and clear!
We must always clearly articulate what it is we want. Even to ourselves. If you start to feel stressed out STOP and become aware of the direction your emotion is heading and if you do not want it, say it: I do not want to feel stressed, I lovingly release this emotion and start thinking about something else. Something you enjoy!

I can keep going for there are many little steps you can take towards happiness, however the best way to get all the answers is to become aware of what's going on inside of you.
Quiet yourself down, focus on your breath and ask all the questions you would like the answers to...ALL the answers are inside each of you, silence will bring them to you!!

Luv and Light Eternally!