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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Go Outside!

It seem we have become prisoners in cages we built ourselves! We build homes filled with absolutely everything we could possible want or need. We stay buried inside, running from building to car. We have luxuries and that is wonderful, but when humans have too much we can lose control and forget how to keep a healthy balance!
How much time do you spend outdoors?
We use our cars to run from here to there and 50 years ago almost everyone would WALK from here to there. When human beings walk, they have time to think, to reflect, to breath and this in itself is a form of meditation. So our parents, grandparents and great grandparents and beyond ALL took the time-knowingly or unknowingly- to meditate! Because any time spent alone with yourself is a form of meditation and most of us do not even spend 5 minutes in quiet time.
This kept them in a good place, peaceful, calmer than where we find ourselves today. True we have more today but I know that my grandparents in their poor village, in their tiny town, and tiny home with their many children never experienced the "stressful anxiety" so many experience today. They had been through a war, they were poor so food was scarce but they were rich with peace and tranquility because there was no television blaring in the home, instead they spoke with their neighbors, had special time with his children, sat outside after dinner. There were no telephones ringing, they read letters and spoke to the post man. They weren't buried on their computers writing blogs, they were actually talking to people in person!!! Most importantly they were GRATEFUL for what they had, even if it wasn't much, they gave thanks because they knew all too well what it meant not to have food, water, clothes, health, a peaceful country.
WE HAVE ALL OF THESE THINGS and many of us are unhappy!!! So the problem stems from us, each of us must MAKE time and remember TO GIVE THANKS FOR ALL WE HAVE! We have so much and are so used to having it that we do not even say thank you for the abundance in our lives!

You don't have enough time- MAKE THE TIME! You must CHOOSE to make time! It is more difficult today to make time for yourself, I realize this, I too live in this same world, but at some point you have to stop and realise that if you DO NOT slow down your body will FORCE you to slow down! Just like your mind and body needs to be fed, your SOUL needs to be fed and that is THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE! Because with an empty soul we are incomplete and miserable, and being miserable is also a choice!
A beautiful, happy person is a fulfilled person!
You have an inner light and to be radiant you must turn your light on! You will never be forced to do so, you have freedom, freedom of choice!

So wake up your senses, get out there, retreat back into nature and leave your cell phone at home!!!

Luv and Light Always,