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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Keep Your Focus!!!

There are things we wish to do in life but find plenty of reasons as to why we can't. But WHY NOT? Really, why not? You are here, as you are, where you are, for a reason. If you know what it is you want in life, you must focus on those things! As humans we tend to stay focused on all the wrong things! We are frustrated and confused because we keep our eyes AWAY from the prize!
We all want different things, but we all have desires. So why not use the things you DO NOT like or want as a clear contrast to what you DO want.
You see, in order to properly attract the things that we DO want in our lives, we can define these things by clearly seeing what it is we DO NOT want! So when you see the "negatives" turn and look the other way to the contrast of those same things. It is there that we can clearly understand what our desires are!

Do not be held back from what you believe is "safe" or "secure." I know a lot of people that stay in jobs they hate because they have bills to pay, or a family to feed. If you TRUST that you deserve good, and that you are ALWAYS being guided, protected, and taken care of....well, then you have nothing to worry about. The time you sit in worry or fear can be used to ask for the things you want...the secret is you must ask with the KNOWING that you are always well taken care of. If you ask with desperation, fear, or anxiousness, then you will only be keeping those same things you asked for FAR AWAY from you!
You were chosen to be here. You are human, but it is not all you are! You are an amazing vibration of beautiful, pure energy and until you understand that, things will continue to seem difficult, or a struggle.
Do not be afraid to open up your mind, heart, body, and soul! New knowledge is available to you at any moment!
As the old expression goes; when the student is ready the teacher will appear....well? ARE YOU READY???

Luv and Light Eternally!!!