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Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Body Is Our Buddy!!!

We are always growing, learning, and moving forward in life. We are amazing beings! We absorb so much and can do so much! We have our emotions that indicate where we are, and where we are heading in life. Your emotion WILL ALWAYS tell you what your point of attraction is!
Our bodies let us know when we have stopped listening to our emotions. You are always notified when something doesn't work for you. When your vibration is strong, your health follows. You see, our bodies work WITH us, as do our emotions. They are always clearly indicating where we are and what we are attracting. If your body creates a headache, it is telling you to STOP thinking so much, stop going back and forth in your mind. If you have a pain, check it; take a moment to breath into that pain, thank it for presenting itself, and ask: what is it that this pain is trying to tell me? What is it in my belief system is off balance? Is there something I need to change?
Your body doesn't work without the soul. It is a vehicle for the soul, your transporter if you will. Knowing and understanding this, we can move forward WITHOUT fear, because we can understand that it is US who drives this vehicle, so if something starts to break down, WE ARE THE BEST mechanics because only we know what we are thinking and doing in our lives that bring these ailments forward.
So please people, I urge you to not live afraid of what might happen and what you might get- KNOW that your body is your closest partner and your friend and it will NEVER work against you! It is a powerful tool that is here to help you understand your point of attraction! We have to sometimes change our belief system and KNOW that if something is "genetic" it is usually an old way of thinking that is passed down. KNOW THAT IT IS OKAY FOR YOU TO CHANGE THAT! You do not have to be your parents beliefs, and in turn, you do not have to have your parents aliments!
This is YOUR life, and you can do whatever you please with it!

Thank you for my healing!
Thank you for my health!
Thank you for my clear understanding of life!
I am now open and receptive to the understanding of how this life works and I am grateful for all that I have!

Affirmations that are positive and loving are the BEST remedy for ANY aliment! Change your thoughts, CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Luv and light ETERNALLY!