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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quiet Down!!!

Do you always think so much about everything? Do you go back in forth in your mind over the same things?
Do you ever create quiet time for yourself?

Why is it that those who meditate seem calmer?
Because those who take time to have quiet moments receive answers! They do not have to "figure anything out" it simply comes to them. When we quiet our busy minds, we can ALLOW the answers....ALL THE ANSWERS in! Seems too simple??? Well, life is meant to be simple! It is us humans who complicate it! We choose to be negative with ourselves! We choose to expose ourselves to negative toxins of every sort! We choose to gossip and complain! We CHOOSE all sorts of things that do NOT benefit us in any way!!! We are busy feeding our addictions, our old ways of thinking and seeing things!

You must ask yourselves; "am I happy? Am I truly happy in my life?"
Only then will you know where it is you need to make changes! The life you are leading right now is based on your belief system of who you are, and what you deserve!
We are born perfect souls, and we remain perfect, even with what we choose to refer to as "imperfections"....But pick up a magazine and "they" will tell you why you are not perfect! Focus on the "crisis" in the world and you will be blind to the beauty that exists and occurs everyday!!!
It is in YOUR CHOOSING of everything that matters! The way you choose to see, experience, think, eat, love, work, and play determines your state of happiness....DO YOU KNOW THIS? ARE YOU AWARE?!!!
I want all of us to be content and joyous on a daily basis! I want you to achieve what you believe to be the impossible! I want you to push yourself out of your comfortable box and GROW! EXPAND! CREATE! LIVE TO THE FULLEST!
Life is here today...and if it wouldn't be here tomorrow what would you do???

In hopes that I got your engine activated I wish you courage, strength, and excitement so that you can begin in this moment to make conscious choices everyone, beginning with you, can benefit from!!!!!

Luv and Light eternally!!!