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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Remove Your Victim Suit!!!

We need to come out of our victim suits and start looking at life with love in our eyes! People keep exposing themselves to things that are toxic for the mind and soul and then wonder why their lives are stressful and fast paced. If we do not slow our minds down, and take a few moments in each day to reconnect how could we expect any other result?
Have you taken the time in each day to give thanks for all that you have?
Have you given thanks for your eyes, nose, ears, legs, arms, liver, lungs, heart, veins? How about your beautiful home, friends, family, the fact that you have a job? The flowers, trees and birds that surround you? What about your glorious mind and your magnificent soul?

Now, how many times have you grunted and complained about your life? How many negative thoughts do you have in one day? Do you have more positive, loving thoughts than negative? Your answer will tell you what kind of an experience you are living and continuing to attract!
If you believe that the world is created on its own, then I am here to remind you that you help create the world and how it is. You do not have to wake up on another planet to live a happier life....NO! Instead you need to simply CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK AT LIFE! Change your thinking, make your thoughts good, loving thoughts that support you! CHOOSE to see life through loving eyes! Become AWARE that your thoughts create your reality and start paying attention to them and REARRANGE them if you find that they are negative!
Life is here FOR you!
Life can ALWAYS work FOR you!
Life is meant to be ENJOYED!
EVERYTHING counts...even the tinniest thought!!!

Luv and Light FOREVER!!!