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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Renting Out Precious Space!

Think of it this way; if there is a situation that you do not like, or a person who seems to be irritating you, ask yourself these two questions:

1) What is it that this situation or person activates inside of me?
-there are sometimes unresolved issues inside yourself that need to be cleared up and this is how it is being presented to you so that you may become AWARE of what needs attention and what you are vibrating.

2) Am I renting too much space in my head in regards to this situation or person?
-letting something or someone take up space in your thoughts and feelings can work against you if the thought or feeling is negative. Either use it constructively to help you grow further or LET IT GO!

Too many of us, too often, ALLOW outside frustrations to consume MAJOR space inside of us.
Be selective. CHOOSE NOT to rent out your precious, personal space to what does NOT serve you! You are your very own landlord and you CHOOSE who and what gets to live and spend time in your heart, mind, and soul!

Let people BE as they want to be. You need ONLY to focus on YOU! Let them figure themselves out. If we each take care of ourselves and not bother with how or what the other is thinking, feeling, or choosing to do in their lives; WE BECOME HAPPIER and we FREE OURSELVES! Then we are able to move forward and not feel 'stuck' because of this and that person or this and that situation!

Don't get side-tracked! Stay on your path to your own personal success. What ever it is that is important to you should remain present in your thoughts, feelings, and expressions. Clean out your 'building' get rid of all the gunk! Keep what really works for you and stay away from all the rest!
Let me be clear: ALL OF THIS is not about feeding your ego. It isn't about vanity, selfishness, or arrogance! It is all done with love, good intention, humbleness, and of course a smile! Everything you say, do, and feel is important- but more importantly it needs to be coming from a state of LOVE!

In hopes that you become aware of what you need to clean out, I am sending you my love and good vibrations so that you may begin to create an AMAZING life for yourself!!!

Luv and Light ALWAYS!!!