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Monday, June 29, 2009

Take Out The Trash!!!

Cleansing is a very powerful tool. Just like the beautiful rain that is hard at work cleansing our streets and watering our beautiful vegetation, we can do the same with ourselves; cleansing inside and out!
When you clean your home or office space, when you organize your files or your closets it is a fresh, revitalizing feeling. The same goes for our insides. We must cleanse away toxins!

I know of quite a few people who put so much focus on their bodies. They cleanse, detox, and diet. I believe starting from within gets you quicker results. When we throw or give away what no longer serves us, we feel a sense of liberation. It is the exact same thing with your emotions and beliefs and when we take care of the inside, it is reflected on the outside! So if you are one who is carrying some extra weight around and have tried everything in the book yet can't seem to get the pounds off....why not try and see what it is you are holding on to? What emotion are you holding on to? Do you have trouble accepting and forgiving yourself? Are you hanging on to something that happened ages ago? When you look in the mirror what do you see? Are you still looking at yourself through the same eyes, in the same way?

Clean up your insides and discover how quickly beautiful, positive things start to happen!
You must rid yourself of what no longer serves you!
Stop the guilty, fearful, stressful thoughts!
Change them!
Throw them away!
Take them out to the trash and find new thoughts! Loving, cheerful, happy thoughts! It is amazing what happens when we take control of our thoughts!
You can begin by filtering out the old beliefs. The stuff you believe just because it was taught to you, doesn't mean it works for you! You are YOUR OWN PERSON and whatever mom or dad taught you doesn't mean it has to be true for you! Keep the good stuff and throw away the negative!
YOU are the ONLY thinker in your mind. Only YOU can decide for yourself! The only way anyone or anything has ANY control over you is if YOU LET them!
Remember nothing happens without your CHOOSING! If your life is a stressful, fearful ball of chaos, it is the thoughts you CHOOSE that helps create that!
This is your life! It is going on RIGHT NOW! So how do you want to live?

I now choose joyous, happy thoughts!
I am a wonderful person who deserves only good!
I now ALLOW myself to enjoy life!
I know I am always well taken care of and I am Happy to be alive!

These are positive, happy thoughts that can serve you very well in this life. So watch your thoughts today and make sure they are positive ones. Watch how many negative thoughts you have and take each one out to the trash!
This is a powerful process and a little each day will soon lead you to a peaceful place inside yourself!
Always be kind, patient and loving towards yourself!

Love and Light Eternally!!!