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Thursday, June 11, 2009

There Are Angels All Around Us!

Forgiveness sets us free! Hanging on to past hurts will only tear you down. Letting go isn't always easy but it is something we can all do if we let go of "being right". When you have a "right" to be angry, when you have been the "good one" and you feel that wrong has been done to you, you have this strong feeling that you can be unforgiving and hold that anger. But that anger isn't going to make the situation better, it will eat you up inside each and ever time you think about it. Your mind, body, and soul can not benefit in any way so you must, for your sake, forgive! If you have a hard time with this, ask for help and guidance from your angels! Your angels never leave you and never leave a request unfulfilled! You may not have the capability to physically see them, that doesn't mean they're not there!
These beautiful angels are here to assist us, to guide us, and they can do so much more than anybody in a physical form! They need your belief to work. They will never do anything without your permission! They come from the light, like us, we all come from the same place. They are made of unconditional love, like us, and are always ready to assist us at any moment! Isn't that AMAZING!! So why not ask them? Have you ever tried it? Do you believe you can do more?These beautiful angels aren't limited like us humans, therefore anything you need, they will see that it gets done!
When there are injustices, these angels can come in and help flip the situation! They need our belief in them, and our requests to do what they do heal!
We are NEVER alone, never left unattended! Miracles happen every moment of every day!
So the next time you need help...ask an angel!

Luv and Light Eternally!!!