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Monday, June 22, 2009


Everything is a reflection of us! Everything that surround us, everything we see, feel, touch, smell ,taste, experience. EVERYTHING!
You are connected to everything, and everything is connected to you! It is important that you understand this because you help create EVERYTHING in and around your life! You are not born into a world "just because"! You have a purpose and reason for being here! I urge you to not just 'go with the flow', rather become aware of how important your emotions, thoughts, and vibration is vital to the creation of your everyday life!
The galaxies, the universe, the planets, the people, animals and even your jobs and relationships are reflections of your every thought!
DO NOT choose to see your life so small and boxed! Know that you are a major part of this world! YOU COUNT! Everything counts!
Nothing is unloved in this universe, that includes you! Know that you are well taken care of with every step you take! This universe loves you and you must love it back because you are part of it, it helped create you and your life. You are always being guided, and it is your over thinking mind that helps you forget this beauty and very important factor about your life!

Stop being negative and RELAX, let the universe help you! You do not need to figure everything out, all you must do is believe and love yourself and those around you and feel trust and security inside and most importantly ALLOW yourself to be guided.

When you LET GO, and not think so much about every detail and allow yourself to be taken care of....YOU WILL BE! You can choose in this very moment to become calmer and more joyous about your life! Life will lovingly respond to your choice of joy and will bring things forth that reflect just that!
Now doesn't that make for a world that is WONDERFUL to live in?

Luv and Light ALWAYS!!!