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Monday, July 6, 2009

Ask Yourself....

Here are some random questions I believe are important to ask ourselves! Be honest with your answers!

-Do you ever have a thought and beat yourself or hate yourself for thinking it a second later? How long do you stay blaming yourself? And why is it that you do this? Why do you not take that "bad" thought and not hate yourself for thinking it but just acknowledge it and release it?

-What about sitting alone anywhere enjoying what's around you? Do you do this? If so how often? If not, why not? When was the last time you sat to look at the clouds? The sun? The moon? The stars? When was the last time you wished upon a star?

-When was the last time you wrote a love letter to the one you love or an inspirational note for yourself? Why not? You are your best motivator! And reading or writing a letter to the one you love reminds you of all the great things you have and share together!

-When are you the happiest? What fills your soul? What REALLY makes you smile?

-Do you ever respond, "FANTASTIC!" when someone asks you how your doing? Why not? Has your response almost become routine when you answer that same question time and time again?

-Is your life a routine? If yes, did you ever try to break it? Why not?

-What scares you? Why? Where does this fear truly stem from? Do you realise there is never anything to fear!

-What about trying new foods? When was the last time you tried something different?

-How often do you give thanks before your first bite? Do you remember at each meal to give thanks for the nourishment that is readily available?

-How often do you listen to your breath? Your heart beat?

-If I asked you "do you love yourself" could you respond "yes!" with a smile?

-When you go to bed at night what are you thinking about? Why? Do you run down the list of all the things you are grateful for? Why not?

These questions can help you better understand who you are and what direction your thoughts are headed!!! So pay close attention to your answers and make changes where you see necessary!

Courage, Light and Luv to you all Eternally!!!