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Monday, July 27, 2009

Balance Yourselves!!!

Okay let me explain, because this is an important one!

Male and Female Energy/ Female and Male Energy, whichever way you want to say it; but if you are choosing between the two, you've already got it wrong! They are equal!

As a woman, I see the world one way, most likely different from most men. And most men must see the world differently from most woman right? Okay, but the bottom line is that we are ALL part of each other, we are all the same. This means EACH and every one of us has both energies! We must realise that we are part of both energies and we can not have one without the other, WE NEED BOTH! So yes, we are two genders and that can make us 'different', but our insides, the base of us, we are the same:)

So a flimsy, weak woman or a insensitive, macho man will lead an unbalanced life because the woman isn't tapped into her male energy and the man isn't tapped into his female energy...simply put it creates unbalance! It's like walking leaning completely to one side!

We must find balance with these two energies!! We must work together! So as each of us works on ourselves, improving, growing, and prospering, it is vital to remember this balance.

So men; open your hearts a little more, try to see things through softer eyes, and woman; get rid of the insecurities and drama scenes! Embrace who you are man or woman, but most important embrace your soul! Soul has no gender! It is not male or female! We are souls!!!

Let's work this right people! Imagine the earth like a beam you must walk on and the only way to have fun doing it is with permanent balance; this balance is very attainable: just tap into both energies! For those who find it difficult to do so; well, just think how much more difficult it is to walk unbalanced as long as you live....

The is no one better than the other; no race, no religion, no gender is more powerful or more important than the other WE ALL COME FROM THE SAME PLACE!!! Set aside your egos and prides! This is what creates separation and unloving situations!

We can each learn from the other! We can live harmoniously together as people and not as genders! Male energy is more logic, and we NEED THAT! Female energy is more emotional, and we NEED THAT! A man represents strength, courage, knowledge, and dignity. A woman represents compassion, comfort, love, and dignity. Of course each one represents so much more but the final point is we need BOTH ENERGIES! No matter how we want to look at it; we defiantly need both!

This is very important! I promise you that balancing these two wonderful energies will create a much easier world to understand and live in! This whole idea that men are better or woman are better is wrong! I am not better than you and you are not better than the next person! WE ARE ALL THE SAME! WE ALL COME FROM THE SAME PLACE!!! Remember it is never about vanity or ego! We are all here to prosper and live together harmoniously!!!

Luv and Light and equality,