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Friday, July 17, 2009

Be Happy NOW!!!

When you change the way you look at things, the things you are looking at change. It is all perception. It is choice. It is the way YOU choose it to be.

Everything can be looked at with a positive intention, or negative. Every situation can be dreadful, or a learning experience. Everything can be taken in a loving matter, or....well I think you see what I am trying to say here. When we can choose to see our lives through eyes of love, everything changes!

Some of us are searching for things to make us truly happy. A new job, a loving partner, more money, security, a new house, car....but how about being happy as you are, where you are?

Do not wait for this or that to enter into your life because you will be missing out on all life's precious lessons! If life isn't fulfilling right now, it is because YOU CHOOSE it not to be! If you find you are 'struggling', it is because you are resisting and not allowing things to flow! You are choosing to be a victim instead of seeing life's message or lesson. You just want things to be perfect....but they already are!!!

You see; if your life would contain ALL the things you believe you love and desire you still wouldn't be happy....oh I know, you're thinking otherwise, but go back in your memory to understand what am saying....remember when you wanted a car so bad, now that you have one you want a 'better' one. Or what about that person you share your life with? Did you say to yourself in the past,"oh I just want to share my life with someone", and then they come along and now? Do you find yourself as happy as when you desired it? Or do you now nit pick about the things you want that person to do or not do.

My point is; your desires are never ending. There will always be more that you want AND THAT IS OKAY! However you must realise that you need to be content here and now! Because when you do, you will not be temporarily content, you will be content ALWAYS!!!
You have heard over and over again the old saying: it isn't the destination but the journey that counts. Why do you think this is an old saying? Because it has always been true and it still is!!!

Your life IS what you make it and what you give out you get back!!! What are you giving out? Beliefs and feelings that are fulfilling or beliefs and feelings that are critical, judgemental and unloving? I write these blogs because I believe we can all prosper and enjoy our lives the way it is meant to be! I choose to see people through eyes of love and I know there is no one better or worse for we are all on a path of discovery and we all need to be reminded from time to time:)

So I say to you today; you are never alone. Nothing and no one is unloved or untouched by this beautiful, immense universe and we are all one! We are part of each other and everything that surrounds us! When you are happy everything inside you benefits! Everyone and everything around you benefits! You contribute to this world whether you are conscious of it or not!

Make a change! Help this beautiful planet, its people, and all that surrounds it thrive! We all need each other!!! Have a POWERFUL day!!!

Luv and Light,