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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Guide Your thoughts!

Every thought, emotion and action helps us to create our reality. What we can do to help create a world we love to live in is to guide our thoughts towards what we want. When we say " I want" we are not really allowing what we want into our existence; but when we say "it is" we are deliberately creating our reality.

Let me break it down using a simple example:
I want to lose 20 pounds - It feels so good to have shed 20 pounds.(notice the difference- one is a desire while the other is already in step one of manifestation! Now this is good because we are affirming something we want and the more we focus on it the quicker the physical reality of it manifests! It is in our affirming that we create it! So now we take it a step further and FEEL the reality of it. FEEL those 20 pound gone! See yourself in the mirror as if those 20 pounds HAVE ALREADY been shed from your body. In order to create ANYTHING you must feel it, see it, smell it- it must become a reality to YOU in EVERY sense before you can physically manifest it!
This goes for vibrant health, harmonious relationships, a great job, lavish riches....basically every aspect in your life! You can use this powerful process toward anything!

Guide your thoughts.
Affirm your desire.
Feel it.
See it.
Smell it.
Touch it.
Create it!!!

Ask yourself how much to you desire this? How much are you willing to do to make this desire your reality? They really are simple steps to create these realities, but it is up to you to put the simple steps into action.
You can sit around for years complaining about how you would like this or that, you can spend a life time if you choose, OR you can do something about it! We have the powers to create ALL that we desire!

Luv and Light Always!!!