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Friday, July 3, 2009

It Is Always A Simple Solution!

People step into our lives for a reason! What irritates you is a reflection of what is going on inside of you that needs your attention. We are constantly looking in a mirror! We are all a refection of one another. What irritates us needs our calm loving energy so that we may heal that person, and of course ,in turn, heal ourselves!

You must emotionally dis-attach yourself and step outside of your clouded emotions in order to keep a clean eye, so that you may clearly see what you are really looking at!
"What is it inside of me that needs my attention? What can I learn from this person? If I am looking in a mirror, what is it that needs adjusting?

I have mentioned Cesar Milan (the dog whisperer) before in my blogs; on his show he clearly states how the dog's behaviour is always a reflection of their owner's energy and emotions. In order to help their dogs they must keep a calm, assertive energy!
There is the mirroring effect!
It is with our animals as it is with our homes, family, friends, co-workers, even strangers! We can use every opportunity with what is mirrored in our surroundings to continue to learn and grow about ourselves!

It is with patience that you find solutions and not with frustrations or anger. It takes practice, but it gets easier as you go along so be patient, kind and loving with yourself!

We are constantly re-aligning ourselves so that we can grow further and move forward. So don't get stuck in a negative state, simply bring yourself to a loving state and remind yourself that there is something you can learn about yourself here.
The most challenging part is accepting that the same thing that irritates us is what is sitting inside of us that needs our attention, but life remains challenging when we avoid looking within!
You are NOT a bad person because you have things to work on! We can always find ways to help ourselves grow and improve, this is a never ending process!

Sometimes it is patience that we must learn, sometimes 'this' person is teaching us how NOT to look at life, making you choose to view something with different eyes. Sometimes it is our belief in what our capability is, and sometimes it is to push ourselves to become stronger and be the example 'they' need to grow into a more positive state. WHATEVER the situation or person, ASK yourself the very important question of what they are reflecting!
Do not pout and complain, instead become the great powerful being you know you are and let yourself LEARN!

This isn't a difficult task. The solutions are ALWAYS simple! It is up to us to push aside our logical, left brain thinking and reach over into our right side of the brain, tapping into our spiritual side and find that power to forgive, love, and ameliorate!

Take a deep breath, be grateful for all that you have! Give thanks for everything in your life INCLUDING what irritates you and doesn't make you feel good because these are our stepping stones to the next level, and with love and positive intention, begin living your life with eyes WIDE OPEN!!!

Luv and Light Eternally,