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Friday, July 31, 2009

It Is Only A Lesson!

You know what is good for you! What works for you and what doesn't! This is thanks to our inner guidance system and thanks to us for not paying attention to it from time to time and learning to deal with the consequences! This brings great lessons!
We have all done things we "regret" but I want you to look at those things through eyes of love and understand that you NEEDED to do what you did! It is part of your experience, part of your story, part of your lesson in life and vital information you needed to attain!
With out these same experiences you would not know what you know today! Knowledge comes to us in many ways and when we can look past the actual experience and keep the lesson, we take yet another major step forward!
You are here learning and growing! Allow your "obstacles" to become stepping stones!

It is with each person and each experience that we can learn something from. We aren't in a competition and we aren't here to drag people to live their live as WE choose it to be! We must take what we need and keep moving forward! Put your ego aside and help yourself open new doors to life so that you may keep growing!

If you feel you have "failed" somewhere. If you keep beating yourself up for something, please I urge you to stop! You have not failed! You have learnt from that experience and there are plenty more you can help create! Don't waste your time and energy!
If your child begins to walk and falls, would you beat them up about how 'bad' they are? Or would you applaud them and urge them to continue? Please do the same with yourself! Applaud yourself and encourage yourself because you are doing the best you can! We need to be kind and compassionate with ourselves! We need to be loving with ourselves and not just with others!
Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do for you and everyone around you! Everyone benefits!

Life is meant for us to enjoy! We need to keep moving forward and not become 'stuck' in some old experience! Today is a new day and each moment is a new moment so please be kind to yourself and don't take things so seriously! Smile! You are on a growing path!

Luv, Light, and Kindness!