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Friday, July 10, 2009

Listen To What Your Body Is Saying!!!

You can heal yourself of any pain, any aliment, any dis-ease.

Our bodies are ALWAYS working WITH us! When we avoid dealing with our true emotions, when we bury stuff or don't want to even think about something, the body responds to let you know that whatever you refuse to deal with needs to be healed and released.
Your body is your friend! Your own personal vehicle that helps guide you in many ways! If there is something toxic in your system, certain thoughts and emotions you HATE to feel or think, whatever it is, ONLY you can choose to deal with it and lovingly release it!

If you find yourself with any aliment the first thing you can do is THANK your body for bringing your attention to it! YES! We must give thanks because our friend (our body) is clearly letting us know that we can no longer ignore the very things we've been burying!
We must lovingly accept, forgive, and release.

Begin in that same moment of giving thanks to say, "thank you for my healing" because in the moment that we greet that aliment we are neutralizing it and letting it work FOR us and NOT against us!

There are endless amounts of people with 'miracle stories' and it is VERY CLEAR to me that LOVE REALLY IS THE MIRACLE CURE!!!

So with out fear and with out worry, but rather with love and calmness greet your friend (your body) with love and listen to what it is trying to tell you! It loves you and is part of you and together you are a team!

Healing, Luv and Light Always!!!