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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Look Around You, What Do You See???

If you believe something enough it becomes true for you, plain and simple. The more thought and belief you give to something the more it creates itself. Are you creating something in your life you do not want? Is there something you have been desiring for so long and it hasn't happen yet? What are your thoughts and beliefs about it? Would you consider these thoughts as positive thoughts? Everything can be changed, one thought at a time, one action at a time, one reaction at a time. Again, very plain and simple. Life is simple; it is us that complicates it!

Doing something different can seem difficult, like changing your thoughts, but if you do not try you will remain where you are, as you are. So if you find yourself living a life you love to live, GREAT! If it is not; start changing!!!

You know, we see and interpret things as we have been taught. Almost everything is connected to what we have learnt in the past! Keep the past lessons that serve you well and release the ones that don't. Create NEW thoughts and beliefs that can help open the doors to what it is you desire! You are the only person who can block your way towards true happiness!

When I was in Jamaica it took a couple of minutes for me to see the fish that surrounded us in the water that others were pointing out. Being a city girl, I hadn't seen many fish in water before, and Jamaica has many. But when our conscious mind doesn't know what to look for, we actually don't see it, even a school of fish that surround you!
Someone that worked with wild dolphins explained that almost every time they would take a new group out to the ocean to see the schools of wild dolphin, the people had a difficult time seeing them until they got pretty close up! It was almost like they didn't know what to look for! Pretty neat huh?

Well it is the reality of things; you can see what you know, what is familiar. So in any situation if you're used to seeing something negatively, then that is what you'll see each and every time unless some one tries to point out the positive, you may not see it at first, but before you know it, you're surrounded by it!!

What do you see? Now what is actually surrounding you? What would you like to see???

Luv, Light, and CLARITY of vision!!!