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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Look, Listen, And Apply!!!

Most people can tell you, like in art, the deepest, oldest secrets are hidden in plain sight. Like most famous painters who hid their secret messages in their paintings, you too have the best kept secrets in plain sight.
We choose not to see them, we don't look deep enough, we don't take the time to notice or pay attention!
All the answers are always staring you right in the face!
When you find yourself running around in circles to figure something out, to desperately search for the answers: they are right in front of you!

Take a look in the mirror! There is a reason why Louise L. Hay emphasises so strongly about mirror work; she knows that by taking the time to look at yourself in the mirror; by looking into your eyes, and into your soul, you will find all the answers you have ever search for, no matter how big or small. She knows that all the things that stand in your way present themselves clearly!
Some of us believe that things must be difficult and complicated, and our lives need to be a big struggle. With this belief system you will keep finding that life is in fact this way. So, if you find yourself in this belief system: change it!

Stop running in chaotic circles, stop complicating your life!
Start taking control of your own life, start listening and paying attention to the things you need to change!
Believe in yourself!
Tap into that inner strength! You have everything you need and it is waiting for you! There is nothing that you need that you do not have other than the courage to greet it!

Understand that EVERYTHING is waiting for you! All you have ever asked for, all you have ever wondered, all you have ever wanted the answers to! Everything you want to change, every answer to every question; how, when, where, who and why?????? All these answer are waiting to greet you!

I will remind you that in this life you have FREEDOM! Freedom to do things the way YOU CHOOSE to do them!
So this question is for you and only you to answer; which way is it going to be? Spend your life running, searching, never knowing OR taking the time to look, listen and apply???
As always, the choice is yours!!!

Luv, Light, and Courage to look within!