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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Love Yourself!!!

Be kind and loving to yourself! Feed yourself encouraging words! Keep yourself motivated and remind yourself how wonderful you are!
Why are we sometimes our worst critics? Why do we choose NOT to see our true beauty?!

You are perfect as you are! Stop criticising yourself! Stop with the "not good enough" beliefs! You are YOU and there is no other like yourself! You are unique and that in itself is beautiful!

You have all you need to move forward in life! And there is no better place to be than where you are at this very moment! So embrace who and where you are and SMILE! Hold your head up high! Be proud of how far you've come! Life is an experience and we are all doing our best with the knowledge that we have! So please do not blame yourself...there is nothing to blame yourself about! Love yourself! Believe in yourself and lovingly release the past! You are in the NOW and in order to enjoy this time you must cut the cord that is still connected to you from the past! CUT THE CORD!!!
The old saying goes that if you want something new you must first let go of the old! Life is too precious and too short to waste energy on what you do not want or desire! Put your precious energy toward things and thoughts that help you grow and learn and that help you move forward toward beautiful experiences!

Remember it is NEVER about the destination, it is ALWAYS about the journey!!! So how is your journey so far? Is it time to make changes?

Treat yourself right! And go about this glorious day with love and positive intention in your heart and mind!!! Choose today to be the day you start to REALLY live looking through eyes of LOVE!!!

Love IS the miracle cure!!!

Luv and Light ETERNALLY!!!