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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Ray Of Sunshine!

There is a ray of sunshine that lives within you and around you ALWAYS! This sunshine is there to remind you that you are loved, that you represent love and that we all share this sunshine with each other! We are all made of this sunshine and it rises up inside of us when we silence ourselves, and calm ourselves down!

If there is something that aggravates you, that frustrates you; take a deep breath and remember this ray of sunshine, and breath into it. Know that all is well. Know that you will get through everything easily and effortlessly. Know that you are loved and supported and remember that you are here experiencing things and growing continuously.
See things as moments; and know that each moment passes and only with your "holding" of it does it continue to remain a reality for you!

Lovingly forgive and let go! That goes for everything! Let go of this very moment to allow a new experience, a new moment to enter! Do not waste your time! You have much to learn and to accomplish! Your life is always moving forward! Your life gets better and better and it is with your ALLOWING that this happens!

Resistance is created from the human mind that is saturated with too much useless information. Time consuming, draining emotions such as fear, anxiety and uncertainty can weigh you down! Remind yourself that you know at all times what you need to do and where you need to be, and that you will always be guided toward your next step!


These very simple things always keep you in a good place and remind you how wonderful this life truly is! Let that sunshine fill you up! Smile! Be grateful for your life and all it contains! You are ALIVE! BREATHING! LIVING!!! Lucky you!!! Lucky us!!!

Luv and Light!