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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Slow Yourself Down To Keep Up!

We are moving rapidly. If you notice the days, weeks, months and YEARS are just flying by! Time is speeding up, and we must slow ourselves down to keep up!

We are learning things at rapid speeds especially with technology; it's being exposed to us one ipod at a time! It isn't going to slow down either so I emphasise once again: we must slow ourselves down to keep up!

In such changing times saturated with abundance, some people can still feel the lack of things! How can this be?
This is proof that it is a state of mind, a choice in how to view things!
There are ALWAYS two ways of looking at things: positively and abundantly or negative with lack of...
It's your reality, you create which one you want to see.

I watch people stuffing down food as their driving; because "they don't have time" and I wonder, why don't they take the time? Why not make it a priority to take the time to sit, give thanks for the food they are eating and then with more energy and patience get in their cars and go where they need to go?
Cramming your schedule is a choice. Saying no to someone so you can have a 20 min. lunch break can be such an important step! There are many examples in this world but one that amazes me is how negative people choose to be!
I wonder; "do they hear themselves?"
To hear people complain amazes me! They do it so automatically, like it is a normal thing?! To me happiness is normal, and there it is again, The Choice!!!
There is no war going on outside, there is no famine, we are in a free, peaceful country and people don't give thanks but rather walk around complaining about EVERYTHING??? These are usually the healthy people, able to walk, talk, see, smell, taste, hear and they don't even realise these precious gifts!!! No time to give thanks for these priceless, precious gifts!!!
HELLO?!?! Are you paying attention?!?! Why do love complaining when there is nothing to complain about?!?! Why do you love to live as you do?!?! Do you believe you don't have any other choice?!?!?
It is so strange that in such an abundant time, people can be so unhappy; are we all a bunch of spoiled brats!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

WAKEY WAKEY PEOPLE!!! The time is presenting itself! The time is now!!! You must become aware!!! Stop living your life asleep!!! You are here NOW! You have EVERYTHING YOU NEED! Don't delay!!! Remember life is moving quickly and if you're choosing to live your life asleep I hope you understand my message that is urging you TO WAKE UP!!!

Remember to give thanks for all the beautiful gifts in your life! Remember that you are here to prosper and ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember how beautiful and precious your life is!

Thank you Universe for the freedom to help us create the beauty we choose to see!!

Luv, Light, and AWARENESS!!!