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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Spread Love Wherever You Are!

Does your home feel inviting and warm? Do you feel like it gives you a big hug when you get home? What about your work space? Do you feel a beautiful vibe from it?
Pay attention if you are wearing a smile or a frown as you enter these different locations because it is a great indicator of your emotional set point(that can be changed) to see what it is your bringing into your space and what you are creating as your experience there.

Before you go anywhere it is important that you realise that what you are feeling is what you will be bringing with you so become aware of how you ARE feeling and make sure it is what you WANT to experience!
If you do your grocery shopping what will then find itself in your pantry and refrigerator is what you purchased right? Same goes for what you are bringing in energy wise! What you bring is what you will find!
So make sure what you are bringing in is what you WANT!

Before entering into any space, any place make sure you are bringing joy, love, and positive intention. Take a deep breath and say to yourself, "I now bring with me love, joy, harmony, balance, and positive intention."

Another very simple yet very powerful step is to visualize the place BEFORE leaving your home and filling this place with all your good intentions so that when you arrive there that same energy you focused on will be there to greet you! This is how we help create harmonious experiences for ourselves!

Fill your home with love! Put love in every corner! Know that you are blessed, safe and protected ALWAYS and let this energy emanate from you into your home!
Remember what you put in is what you will find! No matter where you go!

Luv and light Always!!!