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Monday, July 20, 2009

Trust! Such A Simple Word....

Incurable is something the human mind understands not the soul. The human part of us keeps us limited and 'logical' which is okay for the most part; but we must understand that we are only PART humanly physical! We HAVE A SOUL!!! THE MOST important part!!

You are a soul in a physical body! Your soul will always put you toward your purposeful path and if you should go off path it will get you back on with ease. It is with our human mind that we complicate this very simple journey with our lack of trust! Why is it that we believe it is up to us humans to figure it all out? Are the Zulu tribes in Africa worried about the same things we are? Or do they find it easier to just live day by day, enjoying each moment and not worrying about tomorrow?!

We are in a time where we HAVE TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!! We REALLY do not need to know absolutely every negative, toxic, sad thing that is going on in EVERY CORNER OF EVERY CITY OR COUNTRY!!!
So here I am about to repeat myself: STOP WATCHING THE NEWS!!! You do not need to know ALL that bad stuff!!! Instead focus on the planet in a beautiful way and send love and positive intention toward the people on this planet!

The worry thoughts and the, "oh my god it's so bad!" feelings we send when we watch that, "oh my god, poor people!" stuff; creates more of that!!!

I know I don't want to send more chaos, stress, or disorder their way; so I do not contribute to such energy! The news stations are not about to close their doors, or make only happy news-which would be amazing!!! So it is up to us to know what is good for us! The same way you have to CHOOSE to eat healthy in today's world, because of the abundance of food...or CHOOSE to walk, because we have so many forms of affordable transportation...basically we have SO MUCH readily available to us AND THAT IS AMAZING! However for the unbalanced human, this can be what hell feels like!

So I divert back to my initial statement; incurable is true only to the human mind and not to the soul! I want you to understand that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is VERY possible!!!

I have helped heal my own life from fear, anxiety, stress, anger(this was a big one for me) and today I enjoy my life on a day to day basis, keeping myself aligned and calm, and yes I do have easier days than others but it never gets as bad as it used to because I do not think, feel, see, comprehend, or speak like I used to! Instead I have improved my inner foundation and now I live a life day to day, calmly allowing the next step to be revealed to me.

I am grateful for my new found knowledge!!! I am grateful to be here, experiencing this beautiful thing called life! When we keep ourselves balanced, everyone benefits!!!

Believe in yourself! Love yourself! Keep learning!!!

Luv and Light Eternally,