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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Use God Fuel For Your Engine!

Are you in a good place? Do you feel content and joyous? Do you understand that it is up to you to choose to make your life joyous? Can you take 5 minutes a day of quiet time to recharge your battery?
Many people believe that in order to meditate, pray, or realign themselves they must take hours to do so; I am here to tell you that there are MANY moments in a day that you can do this and that all it takes is anywhere from 17 seconds to 5 minutes to 1 hour....the amount of time isn't important! It is the conscious effort that is!

When you wake up you can choose the first few thoughts to help create the day you would like to experience. As you drive, you can turn off the radio and help create thoughts that lovingly support you. As you are chopping your veggies you can use your thoughts to create love and balance, when you are walking from place to place, you can go into your thoughts and create what it is you desire. When you brush your teeth you can use that time to think empowering thoughts! When you get into your bed at night, you can give thanks for all that you have, and help create positive thoughts for the next day:)

Every moment is a moment you can make work FOR you! See, it's simple right?
How many times do you stop and REALLY listen to your thinking??? How many times do you stop to see what is going on inside of you??? Who else can do this for you? You're engine is on the inside and this engine will use whatever fuel you give it to run. So are you using good (god)fuel? Positive, loving fuel?

Every thing we do, think, feel, speak counts! Nothing is disconnected from us! It is all part of us and our creation for our lives and the world that surrounds us!
So take responsibility for your own life! Realise that you contribute in every way to the reality you find yourself living at this very moment. This isn't easy because if our life isn't how we wish it to be, this means that we must blame ourselves.......NO!!! There is no blame for we are always doing the best we can with the knowledge we have! So be kind to yourself! Be loving and supportive! Know that taking responsibility is knowing that you have a choice and that choice can be changed at any time!

Don't be afraid to look within! Don't be afraid of change! Know that you can do this at any time and you have MORE than what it takes to create fuel for your body, mind and soul that it loves to run on! That CAN create a beautiful LIFE for YOU!!!

Make the changes you need to make, please DO NOT DELAY! You are stronger than you think!

Luv, Light, Abundance, Strength and Eternal Bliss!!!