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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wake Up People!!!

I want to wake you all up!!! I want us all to stop with all the nonsense!!! People need to listen to themselves! I mean REALLY listen to themselves!

What are you thinking? Stop yourself and LISTEN!!!
Each moment you have a thought I want you to pay attention to what that thought contains!
Are you thoughts just random fearful thoughts? Are they pleasant thoughts? Do your thoughts remind you of how fortunate you are in your life? Do you KNOW just how fortunate you really are? What are you spending your precious time thinking about? Do you realise how important your thoughts are??? Do you realise that they help create your life??? Do you know that at any moment you can choose any thought??? Do you realise that YOU are the only thinker in your mind and that you DO NOT have ANY reason to fear your thoughts because they are your very own and they can be changed at any moment!!!

What you focus on you get!
What you give out you get!

For those who choose to complain, they will get MORE of what they complain about.
For those who fear, they will get more to be fearful about.
For those who have loving, happy thoughts, they will have more love and happiness.

It's so simple! Yet when we forget our true being, who we really are, we can become a product of fear, anxiety, and become great complainers!

I want you to understand how beautiful this world truly is and how true it is that life is meant to be enjoyed!!!
DO NOT become a prisoner of your own mind!!! Become the beautiful soul you are meant to be!!! It all begins inside yourself!!!

I love and approve of myself!
I now choose thoughts that love and support me!
I know I can be as happy as I allow myself to be!
This world love and supports me no matter what!

Luv, Light, and CLARITY!!!