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Thursday, July 9, 2009

We Are Constantly Trasmitting Energy!!!

We are vibrational beings. This means we give off and take in energy at every moment. When we meet someone for the first time our emotion can tell us about them before they have opened their mouth! We all give out a certain energy, and what we give out we get back! When we are with people we are exchanging energy. If you want good energy you must give out good energy! We are ALWAYS giving out and receiving energy! Each time we walk into a place, talk to someone, read something, or observe something we are exchanging energy!

If I fill my home or work space with love, all those who walk in will feel it each and every time! Energy start from deep within you. Your thoughts and emotions are your clear indicators of where you stand: a good positive place, or a negative place. Think of yourself as a magnet. What you give out you will attract. So if you aren't happy with what you've been attracting, change what you've been thinking, this will change what you feel, and in turn you will change your energy!

When you meet someone try and look at them through eyes of love because we are all here learning and experiencing at our own pace. So if you find someone is NOT on 'the same page' as you, be patient, kind and loving and take that opportunity to help them. Maybe you can guide them, teach them, and even INSPIRE them!

We all want to prosper and live a happy life, so if you see them struggling lend out a helping hand, this will feel AMAZING for you and AMAZING for them!!! This is what life is about: Humanity!
People giving to people! Helping one another! Loving, sharing, and celebrating together! These are priceless gifts that are free and available at any time!

It is truly a rewarding feeling to live a life with compassion, love, and honesty!

So pay attention to what energy you are transmitting so that you may begin attracting what you truly desire in your life!

Peace, Luv and Light Always!