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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We Are In A VERY Important Time!!!

I keep saying that we need to wake ourselves up because it is VERY important that in such an important time we begin to understand who we are, and why we are here!
As 2012 approaches, and it will be discussed more and more, the most important thing for us to do is to wake up our consciousness and find balance. No matter what happens on the outside and around us, if we are balanced and in tune with who we really are we will be more than okay no matter what!
Taking the time to recenter yourself, being in alignment with who you really are brings emotions of calmness, assertiveness, love, compassion and understanding. Keeping yourself in such a wonderful place allows you to handle ALL things with ease. So no matter how big or small of a situation, as long as you're okay on the inside, everything flows!!!

You must use all that you have inside of you! It is there whether you choose to see it, feel it and tap into it or not! This is about making your life as it is meant to be! To live in an awake state of knowing! Human minds can be easily manipulated by things like media, so it is very important that you take the time to know who you are and why you are here so that no matter what you are fed, you know what to keep and what to filter out! With out this awareness you can easily become a product of society; a sheep if you will; or the beautiful, powerful soul that you already are and were always meant to be!

There is nothing you need that you do not already have! We are more than okay in this abundant world of "stuff"; but our desires are never ending we always want more, AND THIS IS OKAY! But we must remember our true being! Who and what we are and WHY we are here!!! With this knowing we will keep growing and allowing our paths to be revealed to us!!! Please people, I urge you to awaken yourselves and start living your life! The time is NOW! There has never been a time like ours, and it is an important one!!!

With Love and LIGHT I urge you to not delay and use your precious time wisely!!!

Luv and Light Eternally!!!