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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where Are You On The Emotional Scale?

Everything that surrounds us is a part of some one's reality. The buildings you see, the flowers, the cars, the stars, the bicycles, the roads, the animals, the Internet, the weather, everything is part of some one's vision! The more intention, desire and passion put towards something, the quicker its' creation!
What ever it is you wish to create begins with your belief in it! Nothing is unattainable, there is nothing you can not achieve!!!
There aren't any 'unwanted' things that simply 'jump' into our experience! Once you become aware of your vibration, you will begin to understand that there is nothing that can jump into your experience WITHOUT your invitation!

You can never have freedom from fear of unwanted experiences if you focus on how other's behave or what 'they' desire! You can have this freedom ONLY if you focus on your behavior, desires and vibrational point of attraction!

So where is your emotion? What are you vibrating? Here is a list of 22 emotions put out by Jerry and Ester Hicks from the most amazing book ever written, Ask and It Is Given!!!

1) Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/freedom/Love/Appreciation
2) Passion
3) Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness
4) Positive Expectation/Belief
5) Optimism
6) Hopefulness
7) Contentment
8) Boredom
9) Pessimism
10) Frustration/Irritation?Impatience
11) "Overwhelment"
12) Disappointment
13) Doubt
14) Worry
15) Blame
16) Discouragement
17) Anger
18) Revenge
19) Hatred/Rage
20) Jealousy
21) Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness
22) Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness

Look at this list and find where you are vibrating? Number 8 is the maximum you want to reach going downward. However if you find yourself at a lower level use a number above it to improve your vibration....example:
I find myself being fearful and depressed (#22) I will try to use anger (#17) to move up the emotional scale. Yes! Anger! Because most of us try to jump from feeling #22 to #1 which can be challenging. But now that you see all the other emotions involved to get there you can understand that you must be gentle with yourself and use these useful emotions instead of demanding to jump from #22 to #1!

Now that you can keep track of your vibration, you can begin to understand what and why you are attracting the experiences you are attracting in your life!!!
Everything can be changed, improved, polished if you desire it! You must first become AWARE of where YOU stand!!! If each of us focuses on ourselves we can help create more peace, prosperity, love, harmony and abundance of all the things we desire into our reality!!! This makes for a happy world to live person at a time!!!

Luv and Light ALWAYS!!!