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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Where Your Healing Begins...

The little child inside of us is ALWAYS with us! This beautiful child loves us and needs our acceptance and forgiveness.
It is important to love, forgive and move forward and remind this beautiful child that you are here now to take over and that everything is okay!
When we do not heal our inner child, we remain controlled by our emotions, unable to dis-attach from an event or experience. We remain "stuck" and can feel victim to our own selves!

Everything that occurs between the ages of 0 to 7 will mold the person you are today. There are events and experiences, advice and scoldings, love and affection that we received that has everything to do with how you see and treat yourself today.

In protecting this inner child, we have helped create sub-personalities. What I mean by this is: you have the 'you' that reacts to an angry situation, the 'you' that reacts to a pleasant situation, the 'you' that reacts to a stressful situation....with every situation that occurs, there is a certain 'you' that comes out and reacts. This is why it is important that we balance ourselves. We need to not become victims of our lives but the guides in our lives.

The past is over and done with. No matter how beautiful or painful your past was, it is OVER and needs to be LOVINGLY forgiven and released! That beautiful child inside of you needs to hear that you love her(him) and that you are here, consciously choosing what makes her(him) truly content! The process of forgiving and loving this child is very powerful and will improve your life in extreme ways!

Do a little visual exercise and spend some time with that child, see yourself holding that precious child, telling that child how much love you have for her(him), remind them how thankful you are to have them as part of you and that you are here now and they no longer need to be fearful, angry, or nervous. Give them a special kiss of healing and put that inner child into your heart so you will be together forever, but now you are the one leading your life:)

Luv, Light, Healing, and Freedom Eternally!!!