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Monday, July 13, 2009

Which One???

Too many of us spend way too much of our precious time and energy focused on all the wrong things!
Worrying and complaining about the same old things!
How much time wasted on it is enough?
When does the decision to change these situations finally arrive?
Is there contentment in this continuous noise of complaining? Is that why people continue to go on and on without changing anything? Or is it because they believe they play no part in it and are merely victims???

You must make a conscious decision! I have said this many times because it really is important! This makes ALL the difference in how your life works! It has everything to do with what you will attract into your experience!

Simply put; you have the freedom to choose between two things:

1) help to create what you want in life and how you want to live

2) watch life unfold and believe that nothing is part of you. Not your thoughts, not your vibration, energy, feelings, emotions, or even your mind!

The choice is ALWAYS yours.
Both of these options hold very different outcomes and if you do not try you will never know which is best for you!

Do you want to live your life as you are living it now?
Are you very happy in your life?
Could you be completely content if your life were to remain exactly how it is right now? If your answer to this last question is yes, then keep going!!! If your answer is no than it is time to MAKE CHANGES!!!

Each one of us is here with a different purpose and we are all here to learn different things, so do what makes you happy and always remain AWARE!!! Life isn't just 'happening', you are contributing to everything that presents itself around you!

Choose to make today a different day:) A better day by consciously living it moment by moment!!!

Luv and Light Always!!!