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Thursday, August 13, 2009

AH! The List!

What kind of human being are you? What words would you use to describe yourself? I would LOVE IT if you would actually write them down, without hesitation, and just write the words down; instinctively.
If you've written all these words down, then I would like for you to look at your list. What does it look like? Does it clearly state that you love yourself or are the words you choose degrading you in any or every way? Why would this be important to do? As petty a task as it may seem, it is vital that you know how you view yourself! Self love is something some of us need to learn.

There are those born assertive and loving of themselves and there are those that need to learn how to love themselves and step one is to understand if you do! When you look into a mirror do you see beauty through your eyes? Some of you may only see past mistakes, buried hurts, and painful memories; this comes through the mirror as 'ugliness', 'fat thighs', 'cellulite', you see where I am going here?! If you can not look at yourself and see perfection; and perfection doesn't mean looking like someone else! We are all different and meant to be that way! Like a child who loves to stare at themselves because they have no 'past' to hold on to, they only see pure beauty! They are fascinated with themselves! We can learn a lot about ourselves by looking into our very own eyes! Go to that mirror and see how easy it is to say, "I love you, I really love you!"
If you do find this challenging then that is your indication that you have "stuff" to work on, "stuff" to let go of. Remember you are living life that means experiencing things, do not view them as good or bad, they are only experiences and without them you would NOT be living life! So EVERY experience is a good one because it means you are trying out different things and what better way to know what works for you and what doesn't then to experience it!

Start loving yourself! Right now! Forget about what you did, said, and felt last year! Forget what happened when you were 18, forget the past pains and hurts...they will only hold you back there! MOVE FORWARD! Today is today and tomorrow can be even more amazing if you let it! So if I can get a message across to you today it would be; lovingly release the past, check in with yourself and make sure you are vibrating in love, through love, and PLEASE people stop wasting your precious energy on "stuff" that you no longer need that you are CHOOSING to keep in your reality!!!


Luv, Light, and LOVE!!!