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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Be Patient!

Patience is something we must learn!
In today's world of hustle and bustle it is the thing that most of us find difficult!
It is not with stress that we get things done! We have become accustomed to getting things fast!
Computers and automatic gas pumps have simplified our life but have also created humans who want things NOW! The fast food drive though can never give you a healthy meal but the ATM's make your life easier. My point is that you must know the difference with what serves you well and what doesn't!
Not everything that can be delivered 'fast' is good for you and so we must remember this so that we can become more patient in a fast paced world!

You are like a growing garden! Your garden needs attention and love! You must first work the soil- deal with your inner issues- SLOWLY! Then you must plant your seeds- what is it that you want in your life? Then you must water and give sunshine to your garden- lavish your thoughts with love and positive intention! Be patient with your growing garden! You can not expect to plant a seed and the very next second find a full grown plant with fruit on it! You must be patient! As it's been said a million times over: it is not the destination but the journey that counts!
So see your life as a garden. What do you want in this beautiful garden of yours? See all your negative thoughts as weeds you must pull out from the ground and replace those with beautiful daisies-beautiful thoughts!
Do not give up on your garden! Those seeds you have planted are growing and will produce beautiful fruits, flowers and veggies!

The point here is to learn patience and to know that everything can be changed! You can create anything and eliminate anything! You are the creator and the only one tending your garden!

Believe that you have come here to prosper! Believe in yourself! Believe that all that happens is a learning experience and it is just to help you-regardless if you can see that right now or not!

Be gentle with yourselves and your growing gardens!

In hopes that you find patience inside yourselves!

Luv, Light and Beauty!